To create a moment of blissful calm in an otherwise chaotic world.
To touch an audience and to feel appreciation for my passion.
—   That is why I sing.

Welcome to my website. Here you’ll find information on my background, recordings, reviews and coming performances.

I’m just back from a wonderful time in the Australian premiere of Salieri’s The Chimney Sweep with Pinchgut Opera. Performances photos coming soon … in the meantime, enjoy these rehearsal photos by Bridget Elliot!

Cheers, Chris

2014 Chimney Sweep rehearsal 1 (Pinchgut - photo by Bridget Elliot) 10390053_462630513871856_1985703584213514412_n
2014 Chimney Sweep rehearsal 2 (Pinchgut - photo by Bridget Elliot) 10336814_466061496862091_157072444380708354_n
2014 Chimney Sweep rehearsal 3 (Pinchgut - photo by Bridget Elliot) 10421305_472511609550746_3301589577006754063_n